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"Don't stop asking questions."

It’s a value we live by at Tōdem and challenge your business to do the same. At whatever point you may be within the life cycle of your company—whether you’re just starting up or are trying to branch out and grow - we can offer guidance, support, and our expert branding advice.

We’ve been around the block quite a few times and have the experience you need to guide you through your current branding obstacles. If you have no idea where to begin, need to discuss next steps in your branding process, or require help navigating a specific problem, our structured one-on-one sessions allow a branding professional from our senior team to get to know you and customize a plan to answer your unique branding questions.

The Details


Creative Insight
Fresh Perspective
Brand Education
Problem-specific Expertise


Brand Strategy, Visual Feedback, Messaging, Getting Started with Branding, Brand Exposure, or any branding obstacle currently blocking your path to success.


1. Complete the form below
2. Connect with your consultant
3. Discover your individual needs (your first session)
4. Define a plan that achieves your goals


Starts at $250/hour

Our Consultants

Each of our consultants is a superstar in her own right, and all are ready to share their branding knowledge and insights with you. Consultants are assigned based on your responses to the form below and their particular area(s) of expertise—ensuring you get the most out of your sessions and the branding tools you need to overcome your challenges.

Caroline Reinhardt

Caroline Reinhardt

Senior Brand Leader
Tiffany Williams

Tiffany Williams

Strategic Thought Leader
Lucy Zeiger

Lucy Zeiger

Senior Brand Leader
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Thanks for reaching out and sharing a little about your branding needs. Now, sit tight, watch for an email from one of our consultants, and get excited about the journey ahead. We’ll be in touch shortly!

“Tōdem has by far had the most impact, best approach, and best people in every capacity of any consultant we have worked with to date. Beyond that, they have created results and delivered above expectations every single time. They achieve structured creativity in a way not many could ever dream of.”
- DJ Doherty, Partner, Mavin Construction
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